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260 billion disposable cups are used worldwide every year and then thrown away. When drinking from such a cup, 25,000 plastic particles enter the human blood and organs due to the plastic coating. After drinking, the cups end up in the environment and cause considerable pollution.
We at AllCup want to change this situation and have developed a coating that is heat and water resistant up to 90°C and edible or compostable. Our patented coating offers a solution to replace plastic coatings. In the first use case, we coat waffles and transform them into edible coffee cups so that no more plastic is absorbed during consumption and even if the delicious waffle cup is not consumed, it decomposes like an apple. Our coating can also be applied not only to waffles, but also to paper cups, paper, and disposable salad bowls, for example, to replace plastic coatings there too. As a result, the environmental costs of €3.1 trillion caused by plastic can be significantly reduced in the long term.
We therefore offer the perfect solution for health and the environment.
EIT Seedbed 2023 Participant