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farmAIr. is a Plant Stress Management, AgriTech company, specializing in Crop Protection and particularly in the Early and Accurate Detection of Biotic and Abiotic Plant Stress.

farmAIr's patented technology is combining thermal & visual (RBG) images with Computer Vision & Artificial Intelligence, to see what no one else can - we are Agronomists' MRI. We can detect plant stress, on a leaf level, long before the onset of any symptom - in trunk diseases, as early as 2-3 years ahead.

We are mainly addressing the following market segments:
1) Growers (B2B) who through our platform can accurately & promptly gather all necessary information to react, to cure infected plants, to prevent contamination of their healthy fields, as well as to better manage irrigation and the use of pesticides & fertilizers, ensuring efficient & sustainable agriculture.

2) AgTech Companies (B2B2B) like smart tractors, Spraying Drones, Greenhouses, etc., which can utilize our actionable data on-demand to provide complementary services to their end-customers (Early and Accurate Detection of Biotic and Abiotic Plant Stress) and to increase efficiency of their services (targeted irrigation, fertilization & spraying).

3) Agricultural Input Companies (B2Corp): cooperating with their R&D department, we can – among other services – help them to further develop & promote the effectiveness of their products or to improve the accuracy of their digital farming solutions.

Our technology may be used to provide solutions to many other industries, like for example to insurance companies, to better define insurance premiums and claims / remuneration.

EIT Seedbed 2023 Participant